Straightforward protection from cyber threats

It’s easy…

  • Fully managed service
  • Proactively averts issues
  • You set and forget
  • We watch, manage & respond

Straightforward protection from cyber threats

  • Fully managed service
  • Proactively averts issues 
  • You set and forget
  • We watch, manage and respond

Our services

Managed backup

A fully managed end-to-end backup service that ensures your backups are working and quickly restorable.

What we backup

• Physical & virtual machines
• Microsoft 365

Is this service for you?

You have an existing environment that needs backup. The burden on internal resources is becoming too much.

If you’re using MS365, Microsoft doesn’t provide backups. We’ll copy and store your MS365 data on our servers with retention and recovery options.

Managed NAS

A network-attached storage service that includes integrated backups and is fully managed, monitored and supported.

What this protects

  • Protects large amounts of file data
  • Replaces fileservers or NAS devices

Is this service for you?

You have a large amount of file data that requires storage and backup and is being housed on either a fileserver or a NAS device.

Managed firewall

A managed service that secures and protects your internet connection, provides users with remote access and boosts your internet performance.

Is this service for you?

You have an internet connection you’d like to secure, and/or give users secure remote access. You need someone to maintain and manage the firewall.

Managed hypervisor

A fully managed virtualisation platform allowing you to run multiple virtual machines with integrated backups.

Is this service for you?

You want a complete platform for hosting virtual machines that includes backup and instant disaster recovery and you don’t want to manage it yourself.

Get cyber resilient with our range of managed services

Save time

You can’t be an expert in everything. And the truth is, you don’t have time to keep your organisation safe from a catastrophic data failure.

Get expert help

We’ve been designing and implementing secure network infrastructure for decades. We’ll become an extension of your team and take full responsibility for watching, managing and responding to cyber threats.

Keep operating

We’ll detect and question everything, so you can get on with your day job. And when the inevitable happens, we’ll respond fast so your business can keep going in the face of any situation.

Your data.
You’re in control.

We’ll take full responsibility for protecting your data, but you still call the shots.

You’re never locked into any tech platform

We’re independent with a multi-platform approach

You can always access your own data

You always have an exit strategy

Data is irreplaceable, and we need to protect it. Cybersecure offers the latest technology, you can’t get better. I don’t feel like I’m paying too much. We’ve never had an issue on any level. The system just works, and you don’t have to think about it.

Anthony, IT Manager, Agribusiness.

Ready to leave cyber resilience to the experts?