How we’ve
helped our clients

We protect our clients
from cyber threats with
better systems

How we’ve helped our clients

We protect our clients from cyber threats with better systems

Cybersecurity case studies

See real world examples of our solutions in action, and learn how we minimise risk by building cyber resilience.

Industry Information Technology (IT)

Challenges in scaling backups across customers

An IT service provider was trying to manage their client backups themselves but realised they didn’t have the time to properly manage their customers data protection.

The challenge they faced

They were using a white-label backup service provider for their clients and as they didn’t have the specialist backup expertise internally, their solutions were not configured in an optimal way. They found maintaining software, monitoring and fixing backup issues themselves took their staff away from core IT work. By being solely responsible, left their clients entire data in the hands of a few key staff members. This meant they had to keep staff trained in the latest backup technology or hire specialist staff to manage the backups and provide restoration assistance.

What we did

We provided this IT MSP with our managed backup service and took responsibility for their key clients. We used our specialised expertise and automated monitoring system to keep track of issues and resolved them to take load off the IT company and focused solely on keeping backups running and data safe. We also automatically update and maintain the technology as part of the service while providing a daily report on all of their customers for easy peace-of-mind.

What has improved

We now design and provide solutions for their clients and ensure everything is configured and implemented correctly. The MSP’s staff can now focus on their IT services. This ensures that backups always work correctly and reduces their need to continually train or hire specialist staff members. We now have an ongoing partnership providing commissions and discounts to them for on-selling our services and they can confidently approach new clients knowing that they have a proven solution framework.

Industry Government

Inadequate data

A government owned corporation were struggling to backup 75TB of critical data, taking over 24 hours to complete. Backups often failed and files in use weren’t backing up.

The challenge they faced

Their administrators had to manually backup data onto rotating USB drives which were untested, unmonitored and prone to corruption and failure.

The system had multiple hand overs to new IT staff and the design flaws and ageing technology had also been carried over.

As a result, backups were taking too long, were unreliable, not stored in a secondary location and were not being monitored correctly.

Data was continually growing which compounded the problem.

What we did

Cybersecure was engaged to solve this problem and rather than just replacing the backup system, we took a holistic view of their storage and backups.

The solution we settled on was our managed NAS solution, which provided a replacement of their file server infrastructure and included native data protection, rather than using a legacy two-step fileserver + backup design.

The solution was wrapped up in our fully managed SLA, which provides monitoring, maintenance, support and warranty as a complete end-to-end package.

What has improved

Backups now take 15-minutes with copies stored locally and in a secondary location.

All data is integrity protected, which guarantees that data remains intact even in the face of underlying storage corruption.

Their IT admins can audit changes being made to their core data – an excellent tool for ransomware analysis and recovery.

Restoration was a multi-day stressful event to a few easy minutes.

This scalable system has enabled their organisation to grow to 100TB and beyond with no changes needed to their data protection.

Industry Healthcare

Medical critical systems exposed to risk of downtime

A medical centre discovered it would take 8 hours to restore their data, severely impacting their operations and patient care.

The challenge they faced

This large medical centre required a system that was always available in order to provide their patients with 24/7 medical care.

A basic backup system was in place and was working, however when their system required a restore due to a botched software upgrade, they discovered that restoration would take 8 hours, which is not viable for a centre where uptime is crucial.

What we did

Cybersecure designed and implemented a managed backup solution that includes instant backup recovery as a key feature.

Additionally designed in were automated tests to “boot up” their backups each night and test that systems and services start correctly, to actually test the backups are restorable before a real incident occurs.

As with all our healthcare clients, we ensured their system also adhered to industry backup and data protection regulations including employing strong encryption.

What has improved

This new system ensured that the medical centre can instantly recover their files and restore backups instantly bringing the restore times down from 8 hours to 5 minutes.

Industry Engineering

Backup system not keeping up with organisation growth

An engineering firm with large sets of growing data, poor backup performance and restoration was finding it harder to properly protect their IT systems and data.

The challenge they faced

Data was served from traditional ageing windows fileservers, not a scalable system and difficult to add more storage.

They had multi-terabyte backup sizes that were progressively becoming slower and taking up evermore storage capacity.

After recovery from unclean shutdowns, their backup performance was often very poor, taking a full day to complete and blocking other backups from running.

To access files they could mount backup images but a full restore from a ransomware event meant an entire day or more of downtime and significant business impact.

What we did

Cybersecure designed and implemented a new platform based on our managed NAS and managed backup solutions.

This included design improvements and hardware and software technology specifically designed to meet their current needs and future growth.

Cybersecure assisted with the migration which was an easy process.

What has improved

Backup times have drastically reduced down to minutes, even during an unclean shutdown.

Restoration times have dropped and can be instant to several minutes.

Storage is now scalable as the organisation grows.

Data is better protectedly monitored to detect potential issues before they become problems.

Industry Agribusiness

Slow backup and restoration performance

A leading agribusiness organisation outgrew their current data protection platform

The challenge they faced

This leading agribusiness thought they had an adequate backup system in place, however during an emergency restore, they realised that their backup performance didn’t meet their expectations and requirements.

What we did

Cybersecure designed and implemented a new managed backup architecture with upgraded backup technology and a superior design.

What has improved

Backup performance has dramatically improved with the average backup now taking less than 5 minutes to complete.

A full system restore happens in minutes and vastly improved from the previous speed.

They can instantly virtualise their servers from the backups for testing purposes or if there’s a real-world incident.

Industry Construction

Unreliable internet and slow system performance

A construction company had reliability and performance issues with their internet, severely impacted day-to-day operations.

The challenge they faced

This long-established company had outgrown their current infrastructure, creating daily problems and obstacles to completing their work and also a wider risk to their core business and reputation.

What we did

We completely overhauled their systems by implementing our suite of managed hypervisor, managed NAS and managed firewall.

What has improved

Internet performance and reliability has noticeably improved, specifically when the connection and bandwidth is being heavily utilised.

For remote working, they have super-fast, reliable and on demand VPN access to their business.

Their server and hosting platform is now fully virtualised and running on flash storage and fully monitored by Cybersecure, resulting in better reliability and dramatically faster response times.

Backups and storage are efficient with an excellent base for continued future growth.

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